Raining Journal 15/01/4712

15th of Abadius, 4712AR

We woke later than normal thanks to last nights encounter. We discussed it over breakfast and it was clear to us that we were not yet ready to tackle Fort Cutaway View. We decided to continue with the exploration portion of our mission in hopes that it might yield more information about the Stag Lord.

As we traveled Mitchell steered us around a particularly nasty razor sharp field of brush. He called them fang berry bushes and he stopped to gather up one of the smaller bushes. He wrapped it in a burlap sack taking special care to keep the roots and dirt intact.

As we stopped to eat, Mitchell started cutting up and stitching together bits of leather armor taken from the bandits and trying make it into set that will fit Geronimo. Mitchell claims that he has talked to Geronimo II who is both tired of being cold all the time and jealous of our armor. I started to talk to Geronimo, “Your jealous of everyone else has armor? I don’t wear armor, come on man I am looking to you for some solidarity. Besides your an animal this wilderness is your home, how can you be cold?” I stared at Geronimo for a moment waiting for a response, until I reminded myself that animals can’t talk. I think Mitchell’s must be starting to rub off on. I am terrified.

The rest of the day was thankfully peaceful, especially when compared with yesterday. The only thing that we had to deal with today was the cold and a few scratches from the brush.




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