Raining Journal 13/01/4712

13th of Abadius, 4712AR

This day we carefully made our way back to the camp by the old bridge. Our camp, tents, and whatever gear we left behind was in ruins and strewn about. We could not find any of the remains of Geronimo, my chicken, or the giant hooded figure. All that was left were large pools of blood and the large burlap cloak. Mitchell suspects they were all eaten. Chet found his armor though it torn up and broken. Through out the day Chet prayed to Desna while trying to mend our broken equipment, managing to mend much of the damage by nightfall.

We all stood at the spot where Geronimo died and tried to console Mitchell. He responded, “I’m just gonna need some time to get over this. Like an hour… tops. And another meal. I’ll have what I’m having. You know, I like to have a beer with my beer, its like desert.” During his hour of ‘mourning’ Mitchell gathered up a bunch of herbs, burned them, all the while chanting or purring. I’m not sure which. He also crawled around on all fours like a weirdo cat. At the end of this ‘mourning period’ a mountain lion jumped out of the brush and startled everyone but Mitchell. Mitchell loudly proclaimed, “This is Geronimo the Second!” I have never seen a cat let out a depressed sigh but I am almost certain that this one did just that.

Leaving the bloody scene we headed south through shallows that merged with another river and headed due south. As sunset neared we made camp and were ambushed by more bandits. They approached us from the north and west. Keeping their distance they used their superior numbers to pepper us with arrows and keep us at a distance.

Geronimo II and I attacked the group to the west, while the rest of our group attacked the group to the north. The cat ended up disemboweling one of the bandits and laying low another. The outlaws attempted to divide us, successfully. Schmidtaki was left bleeding on the ground and as I attempted to rescue him I was overwhelmed and knocked out.

Chet ended up telling me that he, Geronimo II, and Mitchell were able to turn the tide of battle reviving Schmidtaki. Mitchell then called upon the forest itself to entrap and bind our enemies. This spelled the end for our opponents.

Later I was woken up buy Chet healing my terrible wounds. This battle pushed me to the brink of death and left me nursing wounds that leave me longing for the boredom of monastery life. This encounter is having me question my desire for exploration and adventure but I still cannot find it in me to abandon my friends and our mission. These encounters have left us all with many experiences to think about. (DING! Yes, we leveled!)



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