Raining Journal 12/01/4712

12th of Abadius, 4712AR

While the others were praying and preparing themselves, I ended up putting up a new sign at a sign post a few miles outside of the trading post. The sign reads as a copy of our charter with the section about, “The punishment for unrepentant banditry remains, as always, execution by sword or rope” being emphasized and made bold. I ended up placing the skulls of poles that I placed into the ground a short distance from the sign. As I finished the rest of the party rode up with my horses reigns in hand.

We continued to travel past the old bandits camp farther south along the river. There we found a sturdy and wide, but old rope bridge. Looking into the river below we did not dare cross the bridge. Exploring the area was very peaceful but the night proved otherwise. Schmidtaki ended up sleeping first but woke after only a few hours, as he usually does. Then the rest of us went to sleep next as Schmidtaki guarded us from a tree top.

I awoke to shouts, as my tent collapsed around me, and I was clobbered by an powerful unseen force. Grabbing my backpack, I crawled out of my from under my tent to the sight of a giant green skinned monster standing over me. A distance away another giant cloaked in burlap, lobbed a head sized rock at Schmidtaki narrowly missing.

I was barely able to craw away, towards the fire. Schmidtaki bravely covered our retreat and Geronimo charged into attack the green monster. Looking back I was horrified by the sight of Geronimo being torn limb from limb by the green beast. It then turned to glare at me. As I crawled back, I bumped the sack that held my pet chicken and she clucked. Without thinking I pulled out the chicken and threw it towards the beast. With a swipe of its claw my chicken was reduced to a bloody puddle and a cloud of feathers. This distractions gave me a moment to get to my feet.

While running to our horses, Schmidtaki exchanged attacks at range with the cloaked giant. The hooded figure stumbled and collapsed with Schmidtaki’s final parting shot. We narrowly escaped that night, retreating to the old bandit camp.

This narrow escape has reminded us just why this region is known as the stolen lands. We have to be much more careful in the future. Maybe work on making our camping safer somehow. Who knows what other creatures lurk in the nights of these lands.




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