Raining Journal 11/01/4712

11th of Abadius, 4712AR

We packed up our horses with the bandits supplies to make our way back to Oleg’s Trading Post. Before we left we piled up the campfire with wood and the bodies of the slain bandits.

As we arrived at the trading post, we were greeted by a group of four guards sent by the Swordlords to secure the post. Their leader is a man named Kesten Garess. He introduced himself to us and explained that he knew about our charter. He told us that though his authority extends only to the security of the post, he is eager to help us however he can.

There was a new arrival named Jhod Kavken, he is apparently some sort of cleric. He seemed eager to talk to us but he was brushed off by everyone because we were all way to eager to trade the bandits gear.

We quickly depleted Oleg’s cash reserves and agreed to credit at his store. We ended up pooling our funds and store credit to send away for a larger order through Oleg. It should arrive on the 18th of Abadius.
(1x MWK Kama, 1x MWK Katana, 1x Wand of Cure Light x30, and a sextant.)

I shared my plans for the bandit heads with Oleg who was a little surprised but happy to see that such definitive progress with dealing with this problem. Oleg told me that he does not want the skulls displayed at the his trading post for fear of reprisal or souring his regular business. Though he did like my spirit. He took me outside to show me a message board that he put up. He tore one of the pages off the wall and handed it to me. With a smile he said, “I hung the board back up when the guards arrived. Looks like I owe you some money.” Oleg did suggest that I hang the skulls near a sign post about a two miles down the road, and even offered to make us a sign to to put up at the cross roads.

Later we ended up interrogating the bandit that we captured. Cleric was reluctantly healed this rogue just enough so that he could speak. Mitchell immediately began his tirade about Vestreta, Gallano, and Cummings. He furiously screamed these names at the very confused bandit. After holding Mitchell back we were able to have a meaningful conversation with the outlaw. We asked him about bandits in the activity in the Greenbelt and what would happen now that Kressel was dead.

He pointed to the amulets around Mitchell’s neck and told us about the most powerful bandit in the Greenbelt, the Stag Lord. He said that whether or not they work for or with him, every thief in the region paid tribute to him out of fear. He told us that Kressel worked directly for the Stag Lord. He seemed genuinely frightened as he described a beast of a man who wears a antler crowned helmet. The Stag Load always wears this helmet and is never without a mask. Having never seen the face of his master, he wondered if the mask is the Stag Lords face. He described the Stag Lord as a master marksman known for making impossible shots. The green herbal liquor that we had just sold to Oleg was for the Stag Lord, part of a regular shipments. The bandit warned that without a regular supply of this alcohol, the Stag Lord becomes exceptionally cruel, unpredictable, and violent. He laughed painfully “But I guess that’s your problem now.”

Mitchell could not be restrained any longer and returned to yelling, “Where is Cummings?!” The bandit replied, "I told you I don’t know who that is! Listen I’ll tell you whatever you want, just get him away from me. I’ll tell you everything. Listen, it’s hard keeping track of who’s working for the boss, so we use a master phrase as a sort of password to get in to the fort. Its on the northeast shore of the Tuskwater. Unless it’s been changed recently, the current phrase is, ‘By the Bloody Bones of St. Gilm….’ ” An arrow pierced the bandits skull in mid sentence. We all looked back to see Mitchell holding his bow as he said, “Captain Schlitz your order’s up!” None of us know who Captain Schlitz is but we all hope that we won’t need that pass phrase.

Later that night we all sat around the camp fire joking about our great skill and good luck in dealing with the outlaws. Then in a moment of silence Cleric blurted out, “MY NAME IS CHET MANNLY!” He then got up calmly and went to bed. I think he may have said it a bit louder than he would have liked.


(P.S. No we don’t care what the bandits names are!)



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