Raining Journal 09/01/4712

9th of Abadius, 4712AR

This morning as the Cleric preformed his daily prayers and we prepared the mounts, Mitchell did something quite unusual. He climbed on to the roof of the barn, spread his arms, and began to flap them slowly all the while practicing different bird calls. He did this for nearly an hour. I still can’t decide weather he did this just to aggravate Cleric or if it served some purpose. At one point my pet chicken replied to his calls. Schmidtaki asked him about it. Mitchell answered, “What that, I was just gathering my senses for the day to come.”

With our new mounts we set off to the South. A few hours into travel Mitchell informed us that we were traveling through an area of unique soil conditions that were perfect for growing moon radishes. Apparently they are a rare delicacy and grow in every nook and cranny in this place. (+10 to survival checks to forage for food in this area)

In the afternoon we encountered a group of kobolds that have stuffed themselves on these radishes. They did not take kindly to us and attacked immediately. They stood no chance. Outside of this event today’s exploration was uneventful. Making camp was particularly pleasant due to the unseasonably warm weather.




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