Raining Journal 07/02/12

7th of Calistril, 4712AR

Today was a much deserved victory lap for our party. We started by gathering up the most easily transported goods, leaving the more cumbersome and less valuable stuff for when we came back. With our prisoners hands bound and tied in tow behind our horses we made our way to Nettles Crossing. We left Akiros armed and he was allowed to follow at his leisure. There at the remnants of the bridge we threw the Stag Lord, one piece at a time, to the greedy undead creature below the frothing water. The bandits were needless to say terrified. As the two corpses vanished forever beneath the waves, we noticed a shimmering a sparkling. It was a Nettle’s ranseur and it is indeed magical.

We then headed back to the Oleg’s fort as heros, though we were not greeted as such at first. It wasn’t until we had gotten right up to the fort and Schmidtaki began waving the Stag Lord’s helmet at the guards that anyone became excited. Once inside we everyone congratulated us and hung on our every word as we described how we stormed the fort. After telling our the story a third time and many congratulatory drinks we turned over our prisoners , with exception to Akiros, over to Kesten. We would decide on weapons to be rewarded with, at a later date. We had decided to pardoned Akiros, with his only punishment to serve the people of the Greenbelt for the next year.




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