Raining Journal 07/01/4712

7 Abadius, 4712AR

After a more than a weeks journey we have nearly arrived at Oleg’s trading post. We have been sent here on a charter to pacify banditry along trade routes in the region known as the Greenbelt of the Stolen Lands. Our party consists of four members, an unusual mix of characters to say the least. In addition to my self there is a roguish elf, a pair of strange and religious dwarfs, and their pet. However our party shares an unusual bond, we all happen to speak Terran.

The elf by the name of Schmidtaki Juicearu hails from the Dragon Empires of the East just as I do. In this land we are oddities and to have two of us in the same place is beyond rare. Never the less, I am very please to be journeying with someone who understands the traditions of my home land.

In my travels I have never meet any as strange as our dwarf companions. It has been nearly two weeks since various powers have brought us together to take on this mission and travel to this most remote territory. While we have all grown friendly with each other the dwarf cleric has yet to reveal his name to any of us. He is secretive but polite. I have gathered that he is a worshiper of Desna. At his request we simply refer to him as “Cleric”.

As unusual as our Cleric is he does not compare to the other dwarf in our party. He is a worshiper of the green faith and named Mitchell or as he likes to says M-m-m-m-m-itchell. He has not told anyone his sir name. With the exception of his side burns Mitchell is clean shaven. I have been informed by Cleric that this is a sure sign of madness in dwarfs. Cleric seems genuinely concerned over Mitchell’s mental state and as I have grown to know him, so an I. Mitchell consistently hums unusual songs from ages ago, "waka chicka waka chicka waka chicka ". He also dresses his ape pet, Geronimo, in what he calls a “cowboy” hat. He will be our map maker and navigator, he is good natured but I am reasonably concerned.

I am ever eager to explore and adventure but have my doubts about trusting my life to the hands of this eclectic party.




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