Raining Journal 04/02/12

4th of Calistril, 4712AR

Today we were glad to have a boring peaceful day. It gave us a chance to fully recuperate from blood loss and poisons of the Sycamore mites. Through out the day I found that the red sores were starting to clear up. Mitchel, Chet, and Jhod did there best to try and help treat this disease.

The rest of the day was spent continuing to help repair the trading post. By the end of the day the fort was in much better shape.

Mitchel split his time working on another suit of armor and reading books to Geronimo III. At the end of the day he held up the armor.

Mitchel proclaimed proudly, “Bird armor. Light flexible and if I can get the coating right it will be nearly invisible to radar!”
Chet shook his head, “Well start flapping your wings and GROW A BEARD ALREADY!”

Later that night Mitchel was reading the book of nursery rhymes to Geronimo III paused every time there was a no, yes, or the word danger. I was skeptical at first but Geronimo was able to growl and meow our a pretty good yes and no. It was very funny to hear him purr out the word danger.



Radar! A magic thing! Put them in metal balls on your horse and buggy and you will be able to detect men…with trousers pulled up to their noses speaking quickly about who knows what! lol

Raining Journal 04/02/12

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