Raining Journal 03/02/12

3nd of Calistril, 4712AR

Sleeping was difficult last night the wounds that the giant tick inflicted on me were healed by magic but they ached terribly through out the night. Today I was the last to get up. I and stumbled up to the mirror in the guest house. I was incredibly pale and the aching bruises around my waist were sore and warm with infection.

I staggered outside to Aramis helping Svetlana dole out scrambled eggs to Jhod and Chet. Mitchel was busy removing Geronimo II’s armor, petting the cat, and saying their goodbyes to each other. Mitchel paused briefly to say, “Wow. Rainfall, you look like shit. You should probably go see Jhod about that.” Geronimo, agreeing, let out a strange meowed or roar that almost sounded like, “Ya.” Mitchel and Geronimo shared one last beer together before Geronimo headed off into the wilderness.

At the other table sat Schmidtaki, Oleg, and Bokken. Schmidtaki had a ledger with our current supplies and he was quizzing the distraught Oleg and Bokken about there current stocks.

Schmidtaki, “So lets see what kind of armor do you have again.”
Oleg, “Leather, studded leather, a couple of chain. No I don’t have any Mithral in stock.”
Schmidtaki, “Hey hey. Rainfall, you look like shit. You should see Jhod when you get a chance. Hey Jhod, when your done eating can you take care of Rainfall? So Rainfall, you wanted something right?”
I coughed a couple of times, “Lamp oil.”
Schmidtaki, “Ya, that’s right. So how much lamp oil do you have on hand right now?”
Oleg, “I have a hand full of pints and a full barrel of it. How much do you need?”
Schmidtaki, “Wait how many pints are in a barrel?”
Oleg, “250 pints.”
Schmidtaki, “We’ll take it. Now do you have a cart we could buy?”
Oleg pointed to a pile of ashes next to the larger pile of ashes of the barn, “Used to.”
Mitchel, “I want a flute, emblazoned with carving of a lion on it. To commemorate Geronimo II.”
Oleg, “I told you last time that I don’t deal in instruments but I know a guy in Restov. I’ll put it on the order with the silver holy symbol. It should arrive on the 12th of Calistril.”
Schmidtaki, “So I am going to go on a limb here. Do you have a galley?”
Oleg, “What like a ship?”
Schmidtaki, “Yea.”
Oleg, “No.”
Schmidtaki, “Long boat?”
Oleg, “Nope.”
Schmidtaki, “Catamaran?”
Oleg, “Oh, let me check. No.”
Schmidtaki, “Wow, well I am sensing some hostility. Ok lets switch to potions. Feel free to pipe up Bokken.”
Bokken, “They burned everything.”
Schmidtaki, “Yes you’ve been saying that for a while now. Cure light wounds.”
Oleg, “I’ve got a couple.”
Bokken said with a glazed and distant look, “Me too……”
Schmidtaki, “We’ll take ’em. See now were getting somewhere.” They went on like this for quite some time.

After breakfast Jhod spent prayed for my and laid his hands upon me. As he spoke the holy words of Erastil I could feel my strength return to me. The rest of this day was spent patching up the trading post. The day was far from uneventful. Mitchel made sure of that.

He gathered up roots, twigs, berries from around the area surrounding the fort. Arranged them carefully in a circle and lighting a few of the twigs on fire. He then spent the next couple of hours sulking about the fort as the rest of it tried help with repairs. As we worked he would pick one us out and stalk us while meowing and purring. He then carefully and I thought comically, picked a moment to pounce on us or to paw at our legs as we passed by.

I can tell you this there are few things funnier in this world than a beardless dwarf trying to sneak up on you while acting like some sort of cat. After about an hour of this a snow leopard showed up at the front gates, pawing to be let in. Mitchel rushed to let the cat in. He then hugged the new cat, who was somewhat uncomfortable about the whole thing. “You will be Geronimo III. Good news a full 50% of my animal friends are still alive to date. Now lets get you into some armor and teach you to talk!” The cat reluctantly meowed.

My warm aching sores were getting worse so I decided to show it to Jhod. This was interesting experience as no sooner did I show the healer the infection, than did all the rest of my friends take notice.

Aramis, “What is that? That doesn’t look right.”
Schmidtaki appearing out of nowhere as he usually does, “You know you can’t just go sticking your thing anywhere, you get diseases that way.”
Aramis, “You have got to be careful of which giant insects you sleep with.”
Jhod, “I don’t have the power to heal this through prayer. I suggest you get a lot of rest.”
Mitchel, “You should wrap it up your sores in bandages soaked in vinegar and water.”
Chet, “I think we have a cream for that in the healers kit.”
Mitchel, “I think that cream is for fungus.”
Chet, “Couldn’t hurt. Besides what do you know Beardless?”

It was a bit humiliating to have them all poking, prodding, and laughing at my sickness but even I found it a little funny in the end. I don’t know if all there advice and help, helped or hurt me in the end.

Around noon a merchant arrived with our horse order. We effectively traded our horses for war horses, they will be less spooky in the face of danger and combat.

There was one more interesting note to finish today. Mitchel was reading fairy tales to his new companion, the newly dubbed Geronimo III. He took special care to emphasize the words yes, no, and danger.



Hi Oleg! Nice burnt down fort! SUPPLIES NOW! lol, we should probably help him restock somethings, haha

Raining Journal 03/02/12

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