Journal Update Day 12-324 of the 3rd Age

Great time to start a new Journal, left the other with…someone, Breita?
I don’t remember how I got here, my head hurts as I write this.
It hurts from drinking…I don’t drink…someone forced something.
I’m on a boat with a strange crew and contingent.
Students of archeology. Ex-Soldiers. A captain pirate, and a first
mate that smells like he might burn if I light him.
I don’t remember who I am. Why I’m here.
The only thing I know, Iova put me here, and the guidance of
the Starfighter follows me. The sigil on my shield, a symbol I
I…..I must protect. Though I don’t know why.

Vyers Diary Entry #11657

Dear Diary,

It’s been a couple weeks since I first got into Dun Malta, and boy has it been a rollercoaster of a time. We met the King of Dun Malta (who was super nice), found this sweet sword, and soon after a weird black orb, which Soren tells me is magic, but I think is about as magic as a future telling 8-ball. Last week, we found a couple of crazy characters flying around Capital One Ventura messing stuff up. One of them was named Dodoria, and went into this fifteen minute long tirade about how she was the most attractive and fertile woman on her planet..a planet I hope never to have to go to.

Soren unfortunately died during the battle with her by the hands of someone named Vegeta. We saw him at the beginning of the battle, but he left to go “charge”, whatever that means, although he did pop back a few minutes later with shiny blonde hair! We were hoping to be able to talk with him and recruit him to the Pathfinder Society, but it seems he had other things he wanted to do, namely turn Soren into a pile of ash :c I did remember to pick up all of his items and gear this time though unlike last time (but in my defense, magic is complicated and I thought that all his gear would poof back onto him when he got resurrected.) Luckily we have the money to bring him back to life pretty soon so I can get back to the Acadamini without having to beg for Plane Shifts from Kreighton Shane. He’s been busy lately with setting up the new Lodge, so I don’t blame him for not having time for me.

There’s good news though, I’ve been spending a lot of time walking around the city, taking in all the sights and sounds, and making tons of new friends, now that Soren isn’t around to drive them off with his..well, you know how he is. I put together a little picture album too, so future me can look back and remember the fond memories.

Here I am walking through the streets of Capital One Ventura :3 I was in a pretty good mood today, and wanted to give everyone hugs!

On one of the days I couldn’t get back to the Acadamini, I thought I’d stop buy at the local tavern and get a room for the evening. They kept saying I was too big to fit in one of their rooms, but they just didn’t know how flexible I was :D Turns out they were right… :c

This is my favorite place in the whooooole city! They’ve got cookies and donuts and cakes and pies and brownies and…drools

Speaking of Dun Malta, with Soren dead, I’ve had some time to look around the area a bit more, particularly in the wooded areas, and I came across an old ruin with a spiral drawing carved into the floor. Along the spiral were runes carved out in an ancient tongue of Druidic, and depictions of a menagerie of fantastical creatures, getting weirder and weirder as the spiral continued. Based on the initial investigation at least, it seems Dun Malta may have been the birthplace of a kind of “Formless Druid” (name copyrighted by Vyers), one with the ability to change shape into more than just animals. From the pictures, it seems they could become undead, or constructs, or even more impressive, improved versions of the creatures themselves. Or you know, I could be wrong. Ancient Druidic is hard to read, even for me. If I could become a better octopus though, I would want to be a Dread Bread Devourer Octopus and eat delicious pastries with more gusto than I already do. :D

I’ll keep poking around when I get a break from my busy sleeping schedule, and the King of Dun Malta is a Druid too, so maybe he’s better at reading the old tongue than I am.

Till next time,


(The location that Vyers has described is about 5 miles out side of Capitol One Ventura, to the West. The site is similar to Stonehenge but way smaller. A dozen of large stones, arranged in overlapping circles. Only one of the stones still stands. The rest are either broken or knocked over. Indeed the neolithic style pictographs that cover the stones do depict druids changing into various forms. A druid that spends a day or two of study the site is able to piece together enough information to learn about the feats Planar Wid Shape, Dragon WIld Shape, and Primeval Wild Shape. The druid must still use their own feats slots to gain access to these abilities).

Summary of the Dun Malta Council Minutes for the Year of 4713

Summary of the Dun Malta Council Minutes for the Year of 4713


This month we decided to remove funds from the coffers of Dun Malta to better equip its council members (10 BP). This was done that they could better serve their people. However the opinion of the public did not follow this logic (Totally failed the roll). This was the start of a series of unfortunate events.

It began with riots in the street. The rest of the month was plagued by looting and various bandit activity. It finally ended with us loosing control of the territories known as the Thorn River Ford to a group of bandits lead by a man known as Kestrel hood.

Earlier in the month we while making our way back from Otto’s and were attack by a vicious pack of wolves led by a fierce werewolf. Fortunately none of us were cursed by the beast but the event has left us wondering about the safety of our city. We have no city guards to handle rioters, bandits, or monsters. All of this falls to us. We must address this venerability.


This months focus was restoring the order. To that end we concentrated on the infrastructure of our city. Addressing first the gaping eyesore that was the Stag Lord’s fort. We modified and built a castle from the old fort.

Next realizing that we had nothing invested in the defense of our city we built an Office of the City Guard to serve our new city guard.

Last we build another house.

The castle was a special success, masterfully done (Event: Outstanding success).

Schmidtaki Juicedice steps down and appoints Tonto de Negro as the new Magister and headmaster of the Fochlucan Acadamy.


In an effort to quell the previous unrest a barraks, a jail, and a house were built.


Growing tired of the tedium of kingdom building we venture out into the wilderness to explore. When we returned a rabble rouser has entered town much to our dismey.

Summary of the Dun Malta Council Minutes for the Year of 4712

Summary of the Dun Malta Council Minutes for the Year of 4712


It is the wisdom of Baron Mitchel Von Baker of Dun Malta, that its ruling council be available to from the 12th to the 18th of each month to address the duties of their royal posts. So it shall be done for the greater good of the people of Dun Malta.

The Royal Council of Dun Malta was established and its various posts were filled.

Promotions, Taxation, and Festivals were put into effect for the benifit of Dun Malta and her citizenry.

The city of Capitol One Ventura was founded.

In this month we broke ground and founded the Fochlucan Academy nearly bankrupting our country in the process. This is a bold, taken at the urging of Aramis de Fortunas and Schmidtaki Juicedice. Indeed we all hope that it will pay off.


The saying, “If you build it they will come” is to true. We had not even finished the Academy before the pupils began to arrive. The incoming pupils were so eager to begin their studies that many picked up hammers to help us finish construction.

The Academy enrollment began to refilled the coffers that were emptied by its construction.


Food spoilage, poor planning, and spring rains turning the roads to impassable mud caused a food shortage in our town. Doing what we could to address these issues we began building roads and farms.


This month we build more farms and expanded the range of our noble fiefdom.

A Otto’s tavern has been built.


Again we expanded the range of our kingdom and seeded new farms.

We were blessed by the presence of a pair of famous musicians by the names of Bono and Slash. Bono and Slash were drawn to the endeavors of our fledgling nation and it people as we valiantly try to carve a nation out of the wilderness. Their visit brought many visitors to a benefit concert that they played in our name.


We expanded our kingdom, developed more farm land, and laid down another expansion to our road ways. All of it to the north.

This month Big Bird’s Aviary as well as Houses were built to help our capitol grow.


Roads were laid to the north.

Farms were developed to the north.

Oleg’s Trading Post was officially made part of our territory.

Scandal rocked our city as Aramis’ womanizing got a bit out of control during a fairly incredible bender. While pitchforks were not raised against us the unrest of the citizenry was palpably increased (+2 Unrest).


Roads were laid to the north.

Farms were developed to the north.

A trade road was completed to Oleg’s Trading Post this will be an important and very lucrative trade route for our country.

This month we founded a library focused on arcane and musical arts, next to the Academy.

A famous explorer and trapper by the name of Bear Grills came to the opening of our library. His fame turned this seemingly minor event into a great celebration that brought much fame and wealth into our city.


Our territories were expanded to include the moon radish fields that we had found in our adventures.

Roads were laid to the moon radish fields.

We finished construction of a Colosseum that we dedicated to all the peoples and soldiers that have fallen to the Stolen Lands. We named the Colosseum Solider Feild.

Our council was visited by our Fey friends Perlvash and Tyg-Titter-Tug. They expressed their concern at our expanding kingdom. They understand and appreciate what it takes to grow a kingdom but wish for us to keep our roads through the forests to a minimum and to respect the sacred sights within it.

Lastly we were visited by the Chief Sootscale of the Sootscale kobold tribe. They have also taken note of our expanding kingdom. Through numerous treaties negotiated mainly by Laura Mennal Lebeda, we have not only maintained good relations with the kobolds but both of our communities have flourished. They have officially submit themselves as vassals of Dun Malta. The Sootscales and all kobolds have been granted full standing in the kingdom of Dun Malta.

Farms were developed to the South of Oleg’s Trading Post.

We built a road to home of our new vassals the Sootscale tribe.

A second library was build. It is both next to the Academy and the first library. This library is dedicated to Birds and War. Late on the last night of its completion much of the ruling council was present in the library hammering the last nails and stocking the last of its books. It was at this time that we were attacked by many evil fey. Gremlins. They did serious damage to the building in an attempt to have it collapse on top of us.


This month was one of serious growth for our kingdom and city.

A house, a smith, and a weaver were built in this month.

Our territories were expanded into the area we know as the Thorn River Camp we now rename The Thorn River Ford.

Farm land was leased out to a group of eager farmers.

Roads were built to the Thorn River Ford.

Thanks to the efforts of Oleg and Laura we were able to arrange for a famous gladiator by the name of Russel the Crow to fight at Solider Field. This brought us great prestige and wealth.

Raining Journal 18/02/12

18th of Calistril, 4712AR

This morning we were all fairly severely hung over from the coronation ‘ceremony’. Laura insisted we begin issuing edicts, making the presence of our country known, and sending out orders for supplies for the Fochlucan Academy. By noon we had finished nearly all of the paper work and that is when the rest of us realized it. In a few hours we had spent, sent out orders with, or had other wise made spoken for nearly every gold piece of the money that we were given to start our country. Schmidtaki and Aramis were not the least bit surprised. They assured us that this was all part of the plan and that they had already explained this to us all last night.

Though we were somewhat nervous Schmidtaki and Aramis were able to put us at ease. We are scheduled to break ground on the Fochlucan Academy next week.


Raining Journal 12/02/12

12th of Calistril, 4712AR

All of our orders arrived and with them a beautiful woman, Laura Mennal Lebeda. She is a bubbly, happy, flirtatious and very intelligent woman. She came bearing a new charter for our party and many other diplomatic missives.

Be it so known that the bearers of this charter, having delivered the northern reaches of the Greenbelt from the scourge of banditry, having provided detailed maps of the lay of the land, and having done no small amount of work in the exploration of said land and the culling of hostile monsters and indigenous hazards, are hereby granted the right to rule. The nature and laws of rule are theirs to define, and the well being of this new nation is theirs to protect. In accordance for providing a stable nation to the south of central Rostland, let there be a generous stipend of funds, support, and advice provided to this fledgling nation as a token of Restov and Brevoy’s goodwill, such that future relations between kingdoms might be mutually beneficial. So witnessed under the watchful eye of the Lordship of Restov and by the authority granted by Lord Noleski Surtova, current Regent of the Dragonscale Throne.

Apparently Aramis has had some previous relations with her and has responded quite coldly to her as a result of their past relationship. She has a very pleasant outgoing nature and I could only think that Aramis’ behavior must be the result of her rebuffing some inappropriate advances. She seemed to chat up all of us but I can only assume this is to be polite. I think that she has really taken a fancy to me.

The various documents were designed to help us establish proper rule over this land. They included suppliers from witch to by lumber, stone, and nearly every other mundane conceivable good. There was a ledger that detailed guilds masons, smiths, and all sort of other skilled craftsmen. There was also several treaties on leadership. This detailed the importance of and some most practical ways to interact with and rule people.

Schmidtaki and Aramis took to these documents with a great relish spending days pouring over them. In the end the Swordlord had promised us a whooping 216,000gp in supplies and services to start our new kingdom.


Raining Journal 07/02/12

7th of Calistril, 4712AR

Today was a much deserved victory lap for our party. We started by gathering up the most easily transported goods, leaving the more cumbersome and less valuable stuff for when we came back. With our prisoners hands bound and tied in tow behind our horses we made our way to Nettles Crossing. We left Akiros armed and he was allowed to follow at his leisure. There at the remnants of the bridge we threw the Stag Lord, one piece at a time, to the greedy undead creature below the frothing water. The bandits were needless to say terrified. As the two corpses vanished forever beneath the waves, we noticed a shimmering a sparkling. It was a Nettle’s ranseur and it is indeed magical.

We then headed back to the Oleg’s fort as heros, though we were not greeted as such at first. It wasn’t until we had gotten right up to the fort and Schmidtaki began waving the Stag Lord’s helmet at the guards that anyone became excited. Once inside we everyone congratulated us and hung on our every word as we described how we stormed the fort. After telling our the story a third time and many congratulatory drinks we turned over our prisoners , with exception to Akiros, over to Kesten. We would decide on weapons to be rewarded with, at a later date. We had decided to pardoned Akiros, with his only punishment to serve the people of the Greenbelt for the next year.


Raining Journal 06/02/12

6th of Calistril, 4712AR

This morning we awoke in the, ominously free of corpses, Thorn River Camp. Having behead almost all of these vagabonds myself, I am very leery of meeting these corpses again. We did not tarry in that grim camp longer than we had to, making our way back to Oleg’s. As we traveled Mitchel flipped through books of sheet music.

We rode into Oleg’s trading post perhaps a little more triumphantly than we should have. We were greeted by the cheers of our friends. Then when we relieved the heads of the black tatzlwyrms much to the chagrin and disbelief of everyone in the fort.

Schmidtaki, "Ta DAaaaa! There you go Oleg, we got you that tatzlwyrm head you wanted. And not just one but two of ‘em. Have you ever seen black one? I haven’t you should probably get us a little extra for these after all they are especial. "
Oleg, “Um ok. Ya, sure. But didn’t you say you were going to take care of the Stag Lord yesterday. You know avenge the guard that died, burned Bokken’s hut to the ground, and nearly did the same.”
Schmidtaki, “What? No, wait…”
Bokken, “They burned everything.”
Schmidtaki, "Ya you keep saying that buddy. You should probably find something else to talk about, it’s called the art of conversation. And as for the Stag Lord, no. I thought I made that clear, we said that we would take care of the mites at the old sycamore then hunt you down a tatzlwyrm. Today is Stag Lord.
Oleg, “No. I distinctly remember you saying that you were going to tackle the Stag Lord yesterday. Plus he seems like more of a priority as far as problems go.”
Schmidtaki, “Well ya I wanted to but Rainfall over there wouldn’t let up about the mites. So we had to put that off for today.”
Rainfall,“Wait what?”
Schmidtaki, “Yesterday mites and tatzlwyrm. Today Stag Lord.”
Rainfall," The mites took like no time and…"
Schmidtaki, “See, he couldn’t be reasoned with. We had to put it off for today. But don’t worry today is the day we take this Stag Lord down. You know if you guys would just recognizing me a the leader of this expedition we wouldn’t have this problem.”
Aramis, "Woo ho ho. There will be no usurping of my position on my watch. Lest I remind you of my charter.
Schmidtaki, “Ya but a mite bon fire and tatzlwyrm hunt did happen on your watch. Just sayin’ priorities. These guys can you believe them Oleg.”
Oleg, “Ya you guys are arse holes.”
Mitchel, “Hey there Oleg I wanna place an order for magical sheet music. What do ya say ol’ buddy.”
Oleg,“Fine come on in lets get this over with so hopefully you can get back to SAVING OUR LIVES!”
Schmidtaki, “Hey Oleg, we gotta talk reward for these heads its gotta be like double. After all it is double the head.”

As Schmidtaki and Mitchel pursued Oleg into his shop the rest of our friends turns away from us disappointed. Mitchel placed his order for songs of Solid Note and Sleep, they should arrive on the 19th of Calistril. Schimidtaki argued with Oleg for a better reward while Mitchel placed his order. Oleg succumbed to Schmidtaki’s persevering argument and in the end nearly got double the listed reward. We left the fort with its inhabitants a little frustrated with us. One of the guards jeered us as we rode through the gates, “Stag Lord today, right?”

We rode through out the day and through heavy snow to finder ourselves at the on the outskirts of the Stag Lord fort well after nightfall. We decided to hunker down in a small grove of pine trees. There as the snow fell, we began to formulate our plan of attack.

Rainfall," Ok gentlemen, how are we going to do this?"
Aramis, “You know I think much better on after a drink and I could really use something to warm me up.”
Mitchel, “I could whip you something up. If only we had a cup.”
Rainfall, “Aren’t we in the possession of a rather fine pewter mug?”
Mitchel waving his fingers above the mug and it filled to the brim with red wine, “Ah Yes, Here it is and here you go Aramis.”
Aramis took a deep drink of the magic beverage and promptly spit it out, “Until you can conjure something worth drinking, stop offering me this swill.”

The clamor of horses broke up our discussion. They passed close to us but did not notice us. We watched them make there way to the fort and enter it.

Schmidtaki, “Ok boys, drinking aside we need a plan. There not just going to open the doors for us.”
Rainfall, " We do have cloths from the various bandits that we’ve fought, and most of them are not even bloodstained. And don’t we have their password."
Aramis, "Ya it goes something like ‘By the Bloody Bones of St. Gilmorg, who wants to know?’ "
Schmidtaki, “Ya but that leaves us at the whims of bandits. Plus that’s at least a week old. If they’ve changed it were screwed.”
Mitchel, “Then what should we do?”
Schmidtaki, “I can get in there no problem. Open the gates then you run in there and we take these bastards down.”
Rainfall, “And lets not forget about those undead, I am not looking forward to revisiting the criminals that I’ve beheaded.”
Schmidtaki, “Won’t matter. The corpses will never see me coming. No one will. Get as close to the gate as you can without being seen. The snow will help.”
Aramis, “And how long are we supposed wait for you?”
Schmidtaki, “Five minutes, tops.”
Aramis, “What will be the signal if your in trouble?”
Schmidtaki, “Don’t need a signal for trouble, I am trouble.”
Aramis, “Uh so we can of course get them down fast, cause we’re bringing all these guys, I mean, we’ll be in trouble if we don’t take them down quick.”
Rainfall, “Uhh I think this is a pretty good plan, we should be able to pull it off. What do you think Mitchel? Can you give me a number crunch real quick?”
Mitchel, “Uhhh.. yeah gimme a sec… I’m coming up with thirty-two point three three, repeating of course, percentage, of survival.”
Aramis, “That’s a lot better than we usually do, uhh, alright, you think we’re ready guys?”
Schmidtaki, “All right chums, Guns up! Let’s do this! LEEROOOOOOOY JEEENKIIIIIINSSS.”
Rainfall, “(incredulous) … Oh my God he just ran in.”

Schmidtaki vanished and all we could see is a trail of foot prints in the snow. We watched the flickering lights of the fort nervously. We watched and waited for any sign or signal. After a few minutes, we noticed a rope on the wall of the and began wondering how long it had been there. The minutes passed like hours and our nerves began to get the better of us. It could have been ten minutes or ten hours when we finally decided that we decided to brake from the plan and make a run for the gate.

Together we charged the gate. Mitchel lead the charge but I quickly over took him. As we got closer I could see the gate shutter violently. It opened slightly then slammed shut again as we all made it to the gate. Mitchel panted out of breath, “Why does it sound like pegs coming loose while attempting to open a heavy gate?” At that moment it flew open again just long enough for Arimis to power slide forward on his knees while leaning backward. I then scaled the palisades and jumped down into the fort. No sooner did I hop the fence did Schmidtaki open the gate one final time and wedge it open.

The fort erupted in chaos as the bandits rushed to defend themselves. In the noise I could pick out a an angry sort of hooting but I could not readily identify. At one side Schmidtaki was manning the wheel that opens portcullis, at the other bandits were shooting arrows at us, and in front of us was an open building filled with more bandits. Schmidtaki then ignited the entrance to the central building.

Making our way across the flaming threshold, we fought our way in the partially ruined building to interrupting a heated game of poker. Inside I could make out a portcullis set into the West wall, the East wall was partially missing, and to the South there was another room. The only thing about the common thugs inside that proved a challenge was their numbers. We carved through rogues one by one but they did have a few tricks up their sleeves.

First a hunched backed lummox of a man lumbered the room, to joined the fray swinging his club. Following behind him was a dark, tattooed figure with an obvious taste for pain and cruelty. He walked across the room and pulled a lever. The portcullis fell forward dramatically as the tattooed figure walked back across the room without looking back. A large owlbear emerged from behind the portcullis and began attacking the nearest targets, which at this time was us.

Chet took this moment to triumphantly jumped across the fire in the entrance while screaming, “No one tosses a dwarf!” He then chant vigorously in Terran and a small rocky human emerged from the earth to fight for us. Aramis and Schmidtaki began to battle the owlbear. Even in the heat of the battle Aramis found a moment to jab at Chet, “Hey Chet you know you could have just walked around the fire, right?” Geronimo III joined the others in fighting the great beast only to miss. Mitchel would not have this and threw a handful of snake scales at his companion. Geronimo immediately attacked again and to our amazement he tripped the owlbear. The owlbear did not last long after that.

As the owlbear was being dispatched a badger appeared and it spewed forth a cloud of spiders that enveloped Schmidtaki. Crawling with spiders Schmidtaki managed to keep himself from vomiting, but began to succumb to dozens of dozens of tiny venomous spider bites.

Mitchel and I hung back defending our collective rear from the bandits. Mitchel clasped his hands around an imaginary ball in front of him, rolled his hands around it, and a ball of flames burst into existence. The burning sphere attacked the bandits in front of him. Meanwhile I took my time tripping bandits one at a time and taking the opportunity to stomp them on the ground.

As the fight went on the hunchbacked man was brought down and a moment later the tattooed figure dragged him off. Pouring a potion into his mouth the beast of a man was revived. The two of them turned to returned to the fray as the badger spat balls of acid at us all. Behind tbem emerged a man dressed in a chain mail and a scar over his right eye. The man strode towards the tattooed man.

Tattooed figure, “Akiros, GOD DAMN IT. What are you doing? Help us.”
Akiros then attacked the tattooed figure wordlessly.
Now bleeding the tattooed figure said, “What the fuck are you doing?”
Akiros tore off his stag amulet, throws it in the face of the tattooed figure, and attacks again.
Mitchell, “Oh ho HO!!!! He’s off the Heroine!!! GALANOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.”

It was not long before the tattooed figure, the brute, and the magical badger were all defeated. A moment later The earth elemental crumbled to dust and Chet mourned him saying, “Earth elemental 611 we hardly knew yee but what a fighter he was!” The battle seemed to be going our way but we were still being peppered by arrows from behind. It was at this moment that the horned demon, the Stag Lord, struck us. His arrows pierced our defenses with uncanny accuracy, striking us in ways we could not defend.

Mitchel then yelled out to the Stag Lord, “Nice bow, jerk! Lets see how you do without it.” Pulling out a stick he chanted in a strange language, he bent and twisted the branch. The Stag Lord’s bow twisted and bent nearly breaking. The branch snapped in Mitchel’s hands and the Stag Lord’s bow snapped back to its original shape. Mitchel was disappointed to see the bow was unharmed. All the while I continued to face off against the archers near the entrance of the fort.

Determined not to suffer from the Stag Lord’s deadly aim, our party charged him. Pushing him back into his den, he shot as he retreated. When he ran out of room to retreat he tumbled through us as our group attacked him in concert. Aramis bravely fought on despite being badly wounded by the Stag Lord’s precise arrows. Schmidtaki just as badly wounded, though he was nowhere to be found. The Stag Lord, free from his den began fighting his way back towards the exit of the fort.

The Stag Lord did not leave the fort, instead he rounded and with a devilish grin he continuing to rain arrows upon us. It was at this moment that Schmidtaki appeared before the Stag Lord and struck him with frightening speed. With one blow he lopped off the Stag Lords arm, disemboweled him with a second blow, and finished by chopping off the man’s head. The Stag Lord all but exploded in a shower of blood. Chet then shouted, “Kill Steal! IN THE FACE!” The remaining bandits collapsed to their knees and terrified of the man, now soaked in the blood of their leader, who appeared out of nowhere to kill their master.

With that the battle was won. The remaining bandits and Akiros surrendered themselves to us. Among the prisoners was Falgrim Sneeg, the man wanted by Kesten. Alive he would fetch us four masterworked weapons. Akiros requested that he be pardoned for his part in banditry for aiding us in the attack against the Stag Lord and his continued help in undoing the damage. He showed us where all the goods and treasures were hidden around the fort. Taking inventory of the fort would take Schmidtaki the next couple of hours, much to his delight.


Raining Journal 05/02/12

5th of Calistril, 4712AR

Today we set out for the lair of the mites. Mitchel tied a small pulley to our pack horse and enchanted it. This magic allowed us to lash the barrel of oil to the back of the horse without breaking the horse’s back.

Arriving at the base of the tree we could hear the mischievous fey sing and hurt each other, “Next time you’re feeling blue just let a smile begin….. Happy things will come to you… La la la-la la la.” We quickly got the barrel off the horse. I personally kicked over the barrel and the oil splashed down into the mites’ den. We could hear their confused voices coming from inside. I pulled an alchemist fire out of my pack and chucked it into the hole. The hole was burst into flames almost instantly. I rolled the now empty barrel into the hole as a few flaming mites jumped out of the hole screaming. Aramis relished the chance to put the flaming little blue creatures out of their misery. We had and early brunch by the flames of the sycamore tree and we left shortly before the tree collapsed.

Snow began to fall and we began to make our way towards the Stag Lords Keep. We started heading towards in that direction but Geronimo kept wanting us to go a different course.

Finally Schmidtaki asked the leopard, “What is it Lassy? Is Timmy trapped in a well?”
Geronimo croaked out a, “nOoo.”
Schmidtaki, “Hmm, no Timmy but you want us to go that way huh?”
Geronimo, “yESs.”
Schmidtaki, “Well than what is it a tatzlwyrm?”
Geronimo, “yESs.”
Schmidtaki, “Reeeally. Hey guys who’s up for a quick hunt?”

After several minutes of going back and forth between all of us, Schmidtaki convinced us that it would be a good idea to postpone attacking the Stag Lords for to go on a tatzlwyrm hunt. This flew in the face of ligic and several other good arguments, but in the end Schmidtaki’s persistence won the day.

Geronimo had trouble tracking the tatzlwyrm because of the falling snow and the fact that the tracks seemed to disappear several times. It was a miricle that he was able to track it at all. We came upon three different separate kills. At each site Mitchel was unable to tell where the wyrm started it ambush. Each site was bloodstained and the ground marked by deep tracks made by some sort of giant snake. Mitchel was able to tell us that the tatzlwyrm was especially large. Despite losing the trail several times we were able to keep up with the beast because all of the tracks were heading due West.

Eventually we came upon a natural ford in the river. The ford was half frozen and a natural island formed from debris was in its center. We approached quietly and could spot steamy fog coming from an opening in the debris. Tying up our horses we crept across the icy ford to surround the opening. Aramis and Schmidtaki began making there way into the den as the rest of us perched above the opening.

The moment they entered the tatzlwyrm den the air was filled with terrible trashing and the roar of the dragon. Moments later a stream of hissing black acid poured out of the den. It was difficult to tell how things were going inside the cave until our allies called out for Chet’s healing. The little dwarf jumped down onto the ice in front of the opening, slipped, and stumbled briefly. Standing in the opening he plunged his hands into the den to heal our friends.

We jockeyed to file into the den when we heard another roar. This time it came from the sky. It was another tatzlwyrm. The black silhouette of the winged serpentine dragon emerged from the snowy sky. It swooped down to attack as it flew by again and again. It then carefully positioned itself to unleash an stream of black acid. At this moment Chet held out his holy symbol and let out a furious prayer, it’s refrain stunned the mighty wyrm. Writhing in agony it plummeted to the ground. Thanks to Chet’s timely prayer we were able to take the dragon down quickly.

After a moment Aramis and Schmidtaki emerged from the den pulling out a second tatzlwyrm corpse. Both of these wyrms were of a rare and unusual bread. Their scales were jet black instead of the usual emerald. They were also both winged. After a short inspection by Mitchel we determined that they were a mated pair. Remembering the bounty that Oleg placed on interesting tatzlwyrms heads we beheaded the snakes and packed up the skulls.

Though difficult to spot in the powerful, churning currents, we spotted the skeletal remains of a long-dead explorer wedged in the debris. The unfortunate human was still wearing an exceptional suit of scale mail and its one remaining bony hand is a masterwork cold iron longsword. Both armor and sword were made in tiger motif. Below the skeleton within a rotting leather backpack we found coins, a pewter drinking stein, and a jade carving of a nude female monk and a map in a watertight case. The map showed us several locations that we had already been like the temple of the elk but it also showed another location marked statue of the elk.

Mitchel was very interested in the pewter stein but not nearly as interested as he was in the soiled back pack that all the loot was in. He spent several minutes examining and relishing the not so fine craftsmanship of the half rotten and very average back pack. Schmidtaki took the nude elf statue saying that he would have to investigate it further for clues to the history of the stolen lands. Somehow I doubt this.

We after thoroughly searching the ford for any treasure we decided that we should find a way to make camp for the night. Both I and Mitchel believed we could make it to the Thorn River camp before sun down and we convinced the rest to go there. We arrived at the camp just as the sun set.

The had clearly been disturbed since last we had been here. The camp was covered in the tracks of at least a dozen boot prints. There were also prints from two or three horses. Lastly the corpses that we had piled onto the fire place were now missing. They appear to have been dragged off. We all took a easy guess at where the drag trail would end up. This night we took extra care in camping.


Raining Journal 04/02/12

4th of Calistril, 4712AR

Today we were glad to have a boring peaceful day. It gave us a chance to fully recuperate from blood loss and poisons of the Sycamore mites. Through out the day I found that the red sores were starting to clear up. Mitchel, Chet, and Jhod did there best to try and help treat this disease.

The rest of the day was spent continuing to help repair the trading post. By the end of the day the fort was in much better shape.

Mitchel split his time working on another suit of armor and reading books to Geronimo III. At the end of the day he held up the armor.

Mitchel proclaimed proudly, “Bird armor. Light flexible and if I can get the coating right it will be nearly invisible to radar!”
Chet shook his head, “Well start flapping your wings and GROW A BEARD ALREADY!”

Later that night Mitchel was reading the book of nursery rhymes to Geronimo III paused every time there was a no, yes, or the word danger. I was skeptical at first but Geronimo was able to growl and meow our a pretty good yes and no. It was very funny to hear him purr out the word danger.



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